Sunday, 20 December 2009

The Election Commission has ruled that Lewisham People Before Profit can't stand under of preferred name but can stand as 'Lewisham Community & Trade Unionist Alliance'. We will be seeking to make representations to the EC on this but I think it unlikely they are going to budge. It would seem the two parties already registered with the EC have these words registered. The Stockport based Democratic Socialist Alliance have 'People Before Profit' also registered into their party symbol. The Respect Party also have similar words -'People not Profit' registered. Ah well -so be it -the title does kind of sum up who we are -an alliance of community campaigner's and trade unionists. We will be seeking to let people know the name we will be standing under in the lead up to the local elections and using the shorten name 'Lewisham Community Alliance' in leaflets and newsletters etc.