Sunday, 11 April 2010

On the march!

Many of our candidates and supporters were able to join the Pensioners and Unison trade union march on Saturday in support of public services and council housing. Interestingly it would seem the Labour party is going to include a proposal to allow LA's to build 10,000 council homes a year! A little late and to few, but better than their previous opposition to a return to council house building. It is a pity that the Labour party in Lewisham has had a visceral opposition to any talk of a return to council house building -it could be the Achilles heel that finally costs Labour control of the borough. Our call for a return to a programme of council house building is gaining real support-especially in our target wards. None of the established parties were present and lots of trade union banners and members amongst the 10,000+. In the past you would have seen dozens of LP banners on these marches -all this is now a thing of the past as the Labour party looses touch with the progressive forces in society and the labour movement.

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