Sunday, 4 April 2010

Where next for the left after the election ?

These elections will be like no other. Not only will people be voting against a widespread loathing of many politicians but they will in London be combined with the local elections. We may see some surprising votes in certain seats like Luton, Salford and Preston. The likely increase in turn-out for the local elections could however have some negative effects for the few hard working Green & socialist councillors across the country with good track records. I am hearing reports that both the Greens and socialists are facing some real battles to get people to support them, especially when the election will be on the general election day and people seems less willing to "split their ticket" and cast a progressive vote to the Greens or left. We could however see the emergence of broad based community based parties, such as Lewisham's People Before profit and gains for Respect and Wigan's Community Action Party. Such community based parties should become the focus of work for the socialist left.

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