Friday, 15 May 2009

Independent candidacy for West Lewisham & Penge

The news that many many MP's are living the high life at public expenses is really shocking - repairing leaks under their tennis courts, cleaning chandeliers, paying for gardeners cutting lawns that are so big that it takes 4 hours, -even the dredging moats!

The list is not only scandalous but demonstrates the vast disparity of wealth and income in our society between those who have been elected and ordinary working people. If 'flipping homes' and claiming £400 per month for food was not enough, even some members of parliament have been found to be accepting financial reward to influence legislation! A special panel is now being established by the Police to determine if any criminal charges are warranted -it is likely that few if any will end up facing charges as the MP's make up their own rules! When so many people are loosing their jobs and struggling to pay their rent and mortgages no wonder people are angry.

This however is very damaging for democracy. We may see the prospect of mass absenteeism or people voting for reactionary and racist parties of the right. We could be entering uncharted waters with the collapse of the existing established political parties and the birth of new parties. It is therefore vital that people who hold progressive and socialist views have candidates to vote for in the next election.

Disappointingly it would appear that the Green Party is only gaining limited increased support -indicating that a broad layer of people could be won to a radical agenda of not just a concern for the environment but a criticism of the way society is organised in the interest of rich and powerful. I have therefore decided to stand again for the re-drawn seat of Lewisham West & Penge.

I would welcome help and support from anyone who holds a similar view on the current political situation. Feel free to send me an email at


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