Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Vote Green in the Euro elections

I cycled to a meeting this morning in Tooley St. SE1 at Southwark Council's brand new massive office building. Strange -the building did not have a sign -I had to cycle up an down the street looking for the number! On the way back I kept a look out for any window posters -in the past Bermondsey has had a fair smattering of orange Lib/Dem posters. Not a single one -the only posters spotted were in the green strong hold of Ladywell. We are two weeks ago from a national election and it appears very little campaigning is taking place by the main parties.
Many of my political friends are however hard at work in the No2EU slate standing in every region. A quickly assembled lash up between the leadership of the RMT, who are funding the campaign, The Morning Star / CPB and the Socialist Party who are providing the bulk of foot solders. Mistakenly the Alliance for Green Socialism has decided to participate in this nationalistic anti European 'little Englander' formation. A far better bet is a vote for the Green Party, especially in London. Jean Lambert has been in the forefront of defending public services and the union campaign against the opt -out of the working time directive. Their is a real danger that No2EU could help the BNP gain seats and loose the Green Party its representation in Europe.

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  1. Thanks for your support Nick. It was an encouraging result for us in Lewisham, particularly, from what we could tell at the count, in Lewisham Deptford. Congrats on the new blog, btw!