Thursday, 28 May 2009

Only radical and sweeping reforms will restore trust

The mounting political scandal surrounding MP's expenses continues. It is however doing serious damage to peoples faith and trust in their MP's and democracy. It is quite rightly leading to demands for not just the tinkering and tightening up of the rules for MP's expenses but a root and branch reform of the political and voting system! Fixed term parliaments, a written constitution, an elected head of state, proportionate voting systems, state funding of political parties, MP's only having one job and receiving an average wage -all these measures must be brought in. Clearly the next election, which may come sooner than many people think if this political maelstrom continues, is going to be like no other. The composition of the next parliament could be like no other. Those MP's who are seen to be self serving rather than serving the public are going to be cast aside. A whole crop of new MP's -some of them from new political forces and parties and independents could be elected. The Euro elections on the 4th of June could be a harbinger of things to come. The fall out from these elections, if truly bad for Labour could result in a new leader being quickly installed and a likely Autumn election.

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