Friday, 14 August 2009

The face of a loan shark

As unemployment rises, more and more desperate people are tempted to turn to loan sharks. John Kiely made more £3m from desperate families in East Manchester. He was convicted recently for five years following the work of council trading standards staff. Kiely lent to 1,200 families financing a luxury life style based on harassment and violence -charging lenders between 433% -2,437%! However both Labour and the Tories -the Lib Dems will meekly follow, all intend to cut Council services, which would include services like Trading Standards. Labour have done very little to promote Credit Unions, being until the credit crunch and banking crash, enthralled by the city and bankers. Credit unions are the best way working people on low incomes can save and borrow money on reasonable terms. ACTS Credit Union is based at 262 Kirkdale, Sydenham.

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