Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Picket of climate change minister - Joan Ruddock

I have been passed details of a picket at Joan Ruddock's surgery on Friday 7th 3pm August at Sayes Court club house 341 Evelyn Street Deptford in support of the Vestas wind turbine workers who have been occupying their factory.
I would have liked to of joined this protest, calling for the nationalisation of the plant to be put under workers control, but the event is during my work core time. I have been reading with interest the united red green action in support of workers at the plant. Recently it has been revealed that the local Tory MP has been in the forefront of campaigning against wind farms. The nasty anti union Danish firm Vestas Blades have claimed that their is little demand for wind turbines in the UK -clearly rubbish when only a few days ago yet another wind farm has been given the go-head. Strange how when the banks were recently in trouble they were effectively nationalised but a plant to help tackle CO2 is not seen as worth saving. This again shows how far to the right the Labour party has moved. In the 1970's under Wilson nationalisation would at least have been on the agenda. More information can be gained from http:/

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