Friday, 14 August 2009

Millions jobless

News that the jobless claimant count nationally now stands at 2.4m is truly shocking. Locally more than 3,000 people are now claiming job seekers allowance and are embarking on a relentless search for work. These numbers are however likely to be a massive under-estimate. Hundreds of people who's partners are working after 6 months will loose their £60.45 and fall off the register and receive no income support. This level of unemployment is fast approaching the levels last seen in the mid 1980's under Thatcher's regime. It is not surprising that the dying days of this so-called Labour government could see higher levels of unemployment that Thatcher! These figures reflect the dependence of the UK economy on the banking, financial services and house building sector which has been badly hit. Other European economies -Germany and France who still manufacturer and produce things appear to be moving out of the recession. The plans of both Labour and the Tories to slash public spending are likely to lead to a "double dip" in the current financial downturn and lead to more than 3 million official jobless.

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