Monday, 24 August 2009

A Lewisham Peoples Alliance ?

I attended an important meeting in Wigan on Saturday. Held at the Pemberton Central Labour Club, the meeting established a Peoples Alliance -the coming together of the local Community Action Party, local trade unionists, the local Socialist and Respect Parties and a range of community campaigns. The unifying platform is the adoption of the TUC Peoples Charter in defence of jobs and services. The aim is to build a membership of a 1000 local people, gain signature's in support of the charter and stand candidates in both the local and pending general election. Dave Nellist the former Coventry MP and currently the leader of the socialist group of councillors in Coventry. Dave reminded the meeting of the years Kier Hardie, the founder of the Labour Party spent travelling around the country speaking in support of the established of an independent Labour Party from the Liberal party. One of the unifying and driving elements of the Alliance is the need to offer an alternative to working people and in doing so stop the rise of far right and the BNP. Dave reported that the No2EU formation is likely to take steps in September to establish a broad coalition. I will be arguing that in Lewisham we establish a Lewisham People's Alliance and stand in as many seats as possible, including a candidate for Mayor.

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