Sunday, 14 March 2010

Excalibur Co-operative

A debate has been raging over the past few years regarding plans to 'redevelop' this community of pre-fabricated bungalows. The dwellings were erected during and after the war by prisoners of war. Meant to be only temporary housing following the emergency housing situation in the Attlee period of government, they were erected with only a 'short life' expectancy. The community is clearly divided over the proposals. The minority who have brought their properties, either under the RTB or from previous owners have often made improvements to improve the bungalows. However the clear majority of residents remain council tenants, where many of the properties are in poor repair and unimproved -lacking thermal comfort. These small bungalows house not just elderly people but families, many of who must be over-crowded. Basically the plan is to clear the site apart from a few bungalows that have been listed and build not council housing, but a large housing scheme developed by London & Quadrant Housing Trust. The Mayor has taken the view that a ballot of residents on the proposals is needed to settle the issue. If these plans were to build council housing they would have clear support.

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