Thursday, 4 March 2010

Political grit

I must give apologies for not update this blog. I have been really busy working to establish Lewisham People Before Profit, our campaign to support John Hamilton for Mayor and our candidates in our target wards. It would seem that the Labour Party are taking a keen interest in this site and are clearly becoming worried! I will be seeking to incorporate into our "transitional demands" the call for winter local neighbourhood deposits of grit -allowing local people to help keep their paths clear from snow and ice -allowing their elderly neighbours out to shop! Clearly Labour feel vulnerable on this issue in the recent icy conditions!
I am pleased to report that the Election Commission appears to have agreed to register our name as we wanted, or as good as. I will report back when we have final confirmation. I am also pleased to report that we appear to have candidates coming forward to stand in Rushey Green ward! I will work hard to ensure we have a full slate.
We have distributed 2 newsletters in the wards in Deptford, held two public meetings and also managed to open a shop at the Tea Factory, 102 Endwell Road -which we will be staffing in the weeks leading up to the election. Our fortnightly meetings at the Brocca Cafe have been getting bigger and bigger! Our candidates have been getting along to the local ward assemblies, talking with local activists and giving out our newsletters and leaflets.
Lewisham People Before Profit will be meeting in emergency session if a snap election is called with a view to taking a decision to stand a candidate in East Lewisham. If LPBP decided not to stand a candidate I will convenue a meeting of all interested parties with a view to ensuring we have a socialist candidate in East Lewisham with true grit!
For those with a keen interest in this site and for the avoidance of doubt this update was made at 8pm on Wed 4th March.

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