Thursday, 18 March 2010

Full support to Cabin Crew!

The attacks on trade unionists at BA seeking to defend pay and conditions is a real disgrace. It is to be expected that the employer will use every dirty trick and tactic they can to divide workers, organise strike breaking and scabs and intimidate and harass shop stewards. The Tories true to form, have also laid into the workers. However what is really shocking are the attacks on the workers by this right wing pro-business government. Usually the government would be expected to remain neutral in an industrial dispute -but once again this government, when called upon by the forces of the right and business makes it quite clear who's side they are on. Brown and unelected Transport Minster, Lord Adonis have called the planned strike 'deplorable and unjustified'. I have been so outraged by these attacks on workers seeking to simply defend their conditions that I have written to my Unite union leadership suggesting that the union might be in breech of its rules in giving financial and political support to a party which fails to offer even the most basic support to one of its affiliates.

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