Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Blackheath Kite & Bike Festival

I very much enjoyed going along to this very pleasant event over the weekend. A very interesting range of bikes were on display -some could be tried out, even some historic penny farthing bikes were on show. Also some wonderful kite displays were demonstrated, including fighting kites from Malaysia and Indonesia. I am told Obama when a lad in Indonesia really got into kite flying. However the event was marred by the presence of the Army and Air Force trying to drum up recruits. Thankfully their stalls did not seem to attract much interest -even the very expensive hi-tech flight simulator do not have a queue. The horrific deaths and terrible injuries young people are returning with from Afganistan brings home to people the real cost many solders are paying. What are we doing in this county- it is time to bring home our troops.

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  1. Completely off-topic (I missed the bike and kite festival this year with a hangover). I notice that your For a A New Left Party link at the bottom is wrong. You need to put a dot before the blogspot.And your Monbiot link is wrong. You need to put a mon before your biot.

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