Sunday, 14 June 2009

Finally -socialist MP's may break from Labour!!!

The BBC today carries a report that the Chair of the Socialist Campaign Group of left MP's, John Macdonell and other un-named MP's may run on their own separate and distinct 'Labour change' election manifesto if Labour continues its right wing course. For many years the right have seen Macdonell and the Campaign Group as a real pain. This move is likely to be jumped upon by the party machine as a means for expelling or at very least withdrawing the party whip. The numbers involved in this move are however likely to be very small. John Macdonell is one of the few remaining principled socialist MP's left in the Labour party. However a break of a number of MP's from the Labour party is highly significant and is most welcome. Clearly John Macdonell has seen the writing on the wall for Labour. Not only does he see it loosing the next election but even failing to be a serious political force with any support or base in the working class. Hopefully they will take the best of their local CLP's with them and form local branches outside the Labour party. It would be expected that they will want to link up with any emerging left formation in the run up to the general election. Events, events, are moving swiftly!!!!

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