Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Greens come second in Lewisham !

Voting figures released by the Council for the Euro elections show the Greens beat the Lib Dems, Tories and the right wing UKIP! The Labour vote in the borough fell to an historic low of 26%. The combined left vote amounted to almost 3%.

The implication for next year's Mayorial vote, under a limited transferable voting system, if the Greens again win second place, could result in the Greens running Labour very close. Labour are unlikely to pick up may second preference votes from Tory or UKIP voters. Many Lib/Dems are likely to place the Greens second.

The implications for the Council elections would also suggest the Greens are likely to pick up additional wards in the borough. If significant numbers of Labour voters are deserting then Perry Vale and Crofton Park could join Ladywell and Brockley in turning Green.

Details were:-Labour 13,927 26.07%
Green 9,435 17.66%
Tories 8,440 15.80%
Lib/Dem 7,197 13.47 %
Socialist vote 1460 2.725

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