Wednesday, 17 June 2009

A private school shuts each week -good!

The Guardian has reported that nationally a private prep school closes each week -this is splendid news. Many middle class parents have been hard hit by the 'economic downturn' and horror of horrors have had to place their children in state schools! Those seeking to buy their children's education seek to purchase privilege and status. Aiming to buy into an 'old school tie' network. Many prep school are just that -a hot housing cramming process aimed to get pupils through entrance exams where pupils are fast tracked into exclusive universities. Often the reality of many private schools is a very poor level of education -many failing to live up to the expectations of parents. In my home town in the West Midlands, Leamington Spa, was full of private schools. When I attended the local FE college dozens of students were fall outs from these institutions who had obtained very poor grades and had to take a couple of years out to improve on their grades to get into university.

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  1. "Often the reality of many private schools is a very poor level of education"

    Those private schools providing poor education will and should close. Sadly, in the public sector there is very little pressure for bad schools to close and the average standard of education is much lower. From that, you think that the state system is best?