Sunday, 14 June 2009

BNP good egg

The fall in the Labour vote in the two northern Euro seats is what resulted in the BNP gaining their seats. As a percentage their vote actually went down in Yorkshire and Lancashire. However it would appear the BNP have now made connections with deprived white working class communities in a number of northern towns, Barnsley and Doncaster and not just in former cotton mill towns like Burnley. Well this is what happens when Labour moves to the right and plays the race card and tries to out BNP the BNP -calling for 'British jobs for British workers'. Adopting a punitive, hostile and aggressive approach to asylum seekers, illegal immigrants, over stayers and whipping up hostility towards Muslim youth. Labour's collapse in its core vote is however national.
I am gob smacked however that Jim Dowd has such low profile in the seat. I seriously cannot recall the local rags last carrying some copy - reproducing a press release, giving him a mention. I never see a visable presence of the Labour Party in the borough -on the streets with a stall or at one of the community festivals in the borough. This is because the right of the Labour party hold working people's votes in contempt. They have argued that working people will always vote Labour as they have no serious alternative to vote for. Now they have -the growing BNP and as is more likely in Lewisham -staying at home!

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