Monday, 8 June 2009

A new left party ?

Those calling for the formation of a new left party have been reading the ruins of the Euro election results for the very small left parties and groupings. No2EU, with its terrible position on Europe, little different from the BNP, UKIP -even the English Democrats. No2EU was competing in a very crowded appeal for anti Euro vote and with Scargill's SLP. The 1 % gained by both was poor. The reality is that the left in Britain are incapable themselves, even with the biggest left organisation the SWP, of establishing and maintaining a new Left party. They just don't have the critical mass and social weight of forces, unlike in Germany and France. A new sustainable left party is only going to arise when the leading left wing trade unions, like the RMT, the postal workers and Fire Fighters decide enough is enough, bash heads together and establish a new party of Labour.

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