Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Pensioners take on Joan Ruddock and I am partly responsible!

Got in from the allotment after work today to find a really great leaflet from DAGE (Deptford Action Group for the Elderly) laying into Joan Ruddock for failing to support the Fuel Poverty Bill. "Joan Ruddock MP rats on Labour's promises to end Fuel Poverty" Thousands of pensioners in the winter have to choose between heating and eating. We have more than 25,000 unnecessary pensioner deaths each year -far more than many other European countries with far colder weather. I feel partly responsible for Deptford's MP failing to support some of the most poorest in her constituency. In the mid 1980's, when Labour was a mass party of working people and still has a commitment to socialism, my wife and I were very active in Deptford Labour Party. I was a member of the CLP selection conference from my ward, (Marlowe) in choosing the new MP for Deptford following the unexpected death of Lewis Silkin. Along with around a dozen delegates, our delegation switched our vote from Amelda Inyang, a fiery radical former surcharged Lambeth Councillor, who was eliminated, to Joan Ruddock on the final vote. To my deep regret, we failed to support Cliffton Graham, a local councillor and electrician with deep roots in the local community. I am sure Cliffton would have been in the forefront of campaigning for pensioners.

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