Friday, 19 June 2009

Paper clips Jim

The South London Press reports on its front page today the habit of Jim Dowd MP, each and every month, without fail to claim the full un-receipted £250 for "petty cash" Alone amongst South East London MP's Jim Dowd has claimed his full entitlement. Not content with his £5,5000 monthly salary he needs his £250 top up. £12k has been claimed as "petty cash" over the past four years. Jim Dowd informs the SLP that rather than submit invoices from suppliers and contractors like other MP's, he simply claimed his £250 to pay for stationary, office running & cleaning costs. In addition to his £250 "petty cash" £131,165 was claimed last year for staffing, office and publicity costs. £250 per month just happens to be the amount of job seekers allowance paid to workers who have lost their jobs -provided they have paid the full national insurance stamp.

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