Monday, 22 June 2009

Construction employers seek to break workers resolve

The notorious anti union employers in the construction industry seem to be flexing their muscles in the current 'down turn'. People may recall that recently many of the companies in the building and construction industry were unmasked at buying into a comprehensive "listing" of activists and trade unionists -denying employment to trade unionist or workers who simply raised concerns of heath and safety in a highly dangerous industry. The sacking of hundreds of skilled construction workers at the Lindsey Total oil refinery in Lincolnshire is a throw back to the lock outs of the 1930's and 1980's. The earlier successful action to defend trade union agreements on employment conditions and organisation was a set back for the employers to 'hire and fire' whoever they like. A former Sydenham resident, Eleanor Marx, of Jews Walk, was in the forefront of the defence of workers rights. Active in the many dockers actions and gas workers strikes. A wave of sympathetic walk-outs and solidarity actions have speard through the industry -it is likely that some of the large contruction projects in London could be affected. If any action breaks out locally I will seek to show solidarity by joining workers on the picket lines.

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